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Complete Turnkey Light Deprivation Greenhouses

Fullbloom Light Deprivation provides affordable growing solutions for auto blackout greenhouses while maintaining superior craftsmanship. Our simple yet efficient auto light deprivation systems allow our customers to spend less time (and money) on setup, installs, and growing maintenance and more time doing the things they enjoy. Our greenhouses are fabricated in Oregon and all of our controllers and ventilation products are UL listed and US made.

What is Light Deprivation Growing?

Growers looking to harvest multiple times per year can use light deprivation, or light dep for short, to alter their light cycle and harvest several rounds per year at a cost similar to a single outdoor grow. Light dep technology can be used to harvest early and often, meaning you can make your premium outdoor product available when other suppliers are running low, particularly in the late summer and early fall. The blackout poly, composed of a black interior layer and white exterior layer, allows you to control when and how much light reaches your plants. When paired with the automated controller, it eliminates the need to manually open your greenhouse to the sky. A timer and controlled rollers take care of all the work for you.
I purchased from Fullbloom because I didn’t need a commercial coded structure just to grow our 99 plants. I wanted an affordable greenhouse that didn’t need a rocket scientist to set it up and something quick to ship. Fullbloom delivered on everything they promised and more.
Brandon Lemure
Ca aGrower

What do you mean by “Fully-Automated”?

Our controller takes care of not only the blackout system, but also any exhaust fans, HAF (Horizontal Airflow Fans) fans and intake louvers in order to better prevent overheating, powdery mildew and other issues. We have further year-round upgrade options to control full season grows with lighting, heating, dehumidification and watering systems. You can literally set up the automated light dep system and let it run itself!

Interested in a Light Deprivation Greenhouse?

Our auto light deprivation greenhouses, commonly called auto blackout greenhouses, come standard with our 8mm string reinforced blackout poly (white on outside, black on inside), UV-treated 6mm clear poly, our UL listed & fully automated greenhouse controller, manual roll up sides (for your clear poly), and our pre-cut, pre-drilled galvanized steel framing. Optional equipment includes exhaust fans, HAF fans and intake louvers. Many different sizes are available from 20' to 95' long and 20' and 30' wide to serve every possible grow site. Custom Lengths are available but will increase production lead time.

Don’t Forget!

When using a light deprivation system, proper airflow is of the utmost importance. The rule of thumb is to exchange all the air within your greenhouse once per minute. Blackout poly not only keeps out light, it prevents airflow within the greenhouse, leading to stagnant air and potential issues with powdery mildew. To prevent these issues, be sure to include fans and other airflow regulators in your order. Please call our service representatives for a personalized quote based on the size of your grow and its location.

What are the Benefits?

  • Harvest multiple rounds per year at outdoor growing costs.
  • Grow indoor quality flower & improve sales opportunities.
  • Take a Vacation! No more pulling tarps multiple times a day.
  • Limit risk and improve efficiency.
  • Don’t worry about pulling tarps at the wrong time, heating and cooling mistakes and more.
  • Peace of mind. Wifi enabled automation controller allows live statistics and control of equipment when away from home.
The larger the greenhouse set-up, the greater the savings in time and labor. Gone are the days when you and your associates have to visit the grow site multiple times per day to haul thick sheets of plastic over the greenhouse. You could spend the extra time refining your nutrient mixture, pruning your plants or prepping your site for an early harvest (or two).

Why Buy From Fullbloom Light Dep?

Easy to Use Fully Automated System
Excellent Structural Integrity
Simple, Easy to Install Design
UL Listed Components
Made in the USA