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Light Traps

Light proof your greenhouse with Fulbloom’s very own light traps (commonly called breathable walls). Save major time and headache from having to build your own wooden housing and the frustration of assembly and buy Fullbloom’s exclusive light traps, which come pre-assembled and with metal housing. An essential component to any light deprivation system are breathable wall light traps. Many growers will shut their ventilation down during blackout mode to avoid light leaks through the shutters, but if you are unable to run your exhaust system for 12 hours, the risk for mold and pests infesting your plants will increase. It’s important to make sure that you still have proper air flow for fresh intake of CO2 and to keep moisture from building up in the air and negatively affecting your plants, all the while keeping your blackout system light tight. Our solution are these light trap units, which are made of corrugated plastic blackout fins encased in a metal frame, and are available in three different sizes (30”, 40”, 54”). Affix these to the ventilation openings on your greenhouse, allowing for optimal airflow without worrying about that pesky light getting through.